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Customs Expertise

  • We will answer your questions about customs, the origin of goods, value added tax, export control and delivery conditions.

  • Within the framework of standardized or individually tailored training courses on your customs issues, we share with you the necessary customs knowledge.

  • Well-founded customs assessments on our part help you to eliminate ambiguities and to confirm or refute points of view.

Customs Classification

  • With us, you can ensure that your products and the corresponding input materials are assigned the correct customs tariff number and are thus correctly assessed and processed regarding customs, indirect taxes, import bans, export bans, customs authorizations, the origin of goods, and so on.
  • We support you in checking whether your supply chains include industrial goods for military and civil use, so-called dual-use goods, and whether export licenses are necessary.
  • We determine the origin of your products according to free trade agreements, trade law and made-in regulations and thus the basis for a correct declaration of origin.

Customs Consulting

  • We propose innovative, simple, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions for your customs problems.
  • Our well thought-out yet practical customs concepts are the cornerstone for a transparent customs organization, secure customs processes and the optimal use of customs software.
  • As a customs coach, we assist you and provide tips and tricks - not only technical, but also on how to behave towards other areas and topics in your company or towards business partners and authorities.

Customs Management

  • We support you in the transition from a transport-driven export department to a supply-chain-oriented customs organization.
  • You can delegate individual customs tasks or export processing and import handling to us.
  • We take care of periodic settlements and reporting obligations for you.

Customs Audit

  • Our customs audits minimize customs risks, optimize your order processing and reduce customs costs.
  • We support you professionally, tactically and operationally during customs inspections.
  • We assess the chances of success of your customs complaints and provide you with technically sound evidence.

We believe that customs and foreign trade means training and consulting, digitizing and automating, auditing and optimizing.

Our goal is to ensure that you as an exporter or importer are traveling properly and with optimized customs costs and optimized processes!

As proven customs experts and foreign trade experts, we have acquired the necessary expertise from scratch in theory and practice.

We master the art of communicating complex issues in a simple and understandable way - orally or in writing, at your premises or online.